Gibson Cooper


What Inspired your Crown?

I think I owe it all to my brother. The guy in his early twenties had some ridiculously huge liberty spikes. So I grew up aspiring to be just like him. There was just something special about his look. He was like Jesus, but better. Then of course I had a strong affinity with Rastafarianism and Punk culture. It all played a role in my hair journey.

Describe your Crown personality 

Edgy with a crisp of androgyny.

Crown name (if you have)?

Wow, people do that? I’m afraid I didn’t get the memo.

How often do you change your Crown?

As much as I possibly can. I mean I moved from having tiny dreads, then a Benny & Betty which my mom was so kind to hook me up with throughout my high school years, to liberty spikes, then something they call “fishbone” with long blonde hairpieces on the sides, then cornrows, settled for an afro, occasionally straightened out the fro to have it fall on the one side, flipped it into a frohawk, installed braids and now I’m enjoying a platinum blonde colour I got from Wyatt Hairdressing. I’m particularly over the moon as to how my hair growth (black) has blended so well with the blonde. So yeah it’s been quite a journey.

Please share the comments you get from people😆

Whoa, I get quite a lot. Sometimes people wouldn’t necessarily say anything but just walking around my shoulders would feel heavy over the amount of eyes gawking at me. Old people really have some cute way of telling you that you rock that makes you feel nice and fuzzy inside. But there’s this old man in my neighbourhood who can’t get over my hair. Like I don’t understand whether he likes it or not. He would shout for my attention from far. I’d dread walking towards him because I’d hope he doesn’t have another “time to cut your hair” joke. When I come through he’d look at me in awe almost like he’s about to drop his jaw then for a huge thunderous bombshell tell me he’s got a haircutter that he’ll be happy to borrow me. As I walk away from that weirdness I cannot, like ever, walk into my house without the kids from my street running towards me screaming “Goku”. Then I’d have to high-five each one. All gazillions of them.


Do you mind when people touch your Crown?

Absolutely. I used to tell people that if we aren’t exchanging bodily fluids then no touchy touchy. I just recently realised that was quite a dick move. So to all those lovely empresses I stole their hearts and conversely offended, from the deepest parts of my hair follicles, I humbly extend my apologies.

Does your Crown match your fashion sense or it can limit how you dress up?

I think it does match my fashion sense. I’ve always tried to carve my identity out of the weird and incomprehensible. My hair definitely fits that description. People used to raise their eyebrows, some still do. But they eventually accepted my identity so much that when I wear normal clothes it seems like I’m abnormal. I think the moral of the story here is that you’re entirely responsible for your limitations. Some people may not like it at first but if you continue being yourself for long enough your abnormally soon turns into normalcy.

Please share your interests

I’m quite immersed in the fashion scene so much that I’ve cemented my position through doing some modelling. You can take a lot of things away from me but not my writing. I definitely enjoy doing that as I’ve written numerous articles for an online magazine called JHBLive. I’ve just recently caught an interest in photography. So you can catch a look at my award-winning non-award-winning work on my instagram page [@exoticparadigm]. I’ve always loved literature. Funny enough I hate reading. I hardly read, but If and when I do, I get so entangled with the book that I usually spend less than a day reading it.

Your favourite song/s you’re currently playing🎶🎵

I don’t quite have a favourite song. Like there’s just so many beautiful things out there than to wake up and say hey! I’m content with this one seems a bit outstretched for my liking. But I’ve been quite consistent with my love for Tumi from the Volume. So anything from him is my favourite.

Social Network handles?
@gibson_cooper [Instagram]
@GibsonCooperZA [Twitter]
Gibson Cooper [Facebook]


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