What inspired your crown?

What inspired my crown was basically the love for curly bushy hair, dreadlocks, my favourite colour green and Native Americans!! “Red Indians”. Growing up I loved the thickness and curliness of my hair but as I got older I just fell inlove with dreadlocks . I couldn’t decide on whether I want to keep my curly bushy hair or whether I want to dread my hair, so I decided to have both. I have a little obsession with the colour green. I have to wear something green everyday even if it’s just an armband that has green in it that’s why In 2014 I decided to dye my whole head green and it has been green ever since. I have thirteen dreadlocks in total six on each side and one infront on the left. I love Native Americans. They inspire me so much and I really wanted a part of my identity to represent them and that’s the reason for the dream catchers in my hair. I have 3 in total hanging from my dreadlocks.

Describe your Crown personality

I would say my hair’s personality just took on a life of its own. It’s like a wild flower that cannot be tamed or don’t want to be tamed. My crown is definitely a free spirited hippie rebel who grabs everyone’s attention when spotted.  If my crown had a soul, it would be so beautifully colourful, lively and vibrant.  My crown is very chilled man! It has a go with the flow, low maintenance vibe going on LOL .

Crown Name? (if you have)

No, it doesn’t have a name although it would be cool maybe I could name it  GreenMarleyRose lol

How often do you change your Crown?

I don’t really change my hair style I just dye it a different shade of green all the time. I’ll add a few new beads or change my dream catchers. I’ll wear my hair loose occasionally however I wouldn’t do a whole 360 dramatic change. This is my signature look and I wouldn’t be HippKhoi without my hair styled in the way it is right now.

Please share the comments you get from people 😆

It’s rather funny at times; most people go crazy for my hair. I think they notice my hair before they even notice me, if you know what I mean.  Some of the comments that I normally get are:
“Your hair is cool, you have awesome hair, and your hair is beautiful, dope hair”
“Is that your real hair?”
“Why green?”
“How do you get your hair to curl like that?”
“You look like a tree”
“Christmas tree”
“Your hair looks smoke-able”
“You have hippie hair”
“Your hair is nice an soft”
“You have Indian feeling hair that looks like African hair”
“Don’t your dreads feel heavy with all that stuff on it?”
“How do you wash your hair with all that stuff on it?”
“How do you sleep with that hair?”
I think my friends get more irritated with all the questions than I do, I really don’t mind answering them because some people appreciate the creativity and they found it interesting enough to want to spark a conversation with me about my hair or to comment on it.image

Do you mind when people touch your Crown?

No, I don’t mind at all. I got so use to it. I know they’re curious and want to feel the texture of my hair and they genuinely just want to know more about it. I have a lot going on so I can understand why they would want to touch it hahaha!

Does your Crown match your fashion sense? Or it can limit how you dress up?

My hair definitely matches my style of dressing. I don’t think my hairstyle can be limited to any style of dressing not even office wear, I think my hair will enhance and make the style look more edgy, hip and cool haha.

Please share your interests

I have a ton of things I’m interested in Music is my life I’m a vocalist and a poet however I’m mostly known for fashion and character modeling. I love green and it’s pretty evident lol. I love turtles and tortoises I feel like they are the hippies of the animal kingdom. I enjoy skateboarding as well. DIY is my thing so I’m always trying to make my own unique creations. I’ve recently dipped my hands into designing and manufacturing of clothing and accessories, my line will be released hopefully in April this year. Charity is the best part of what I do, giving back has always been important to me; I am currently with a charity organization called Point Africa where we do a lot of outreach , fund raisers , awareness campaigns and workshops to help aid other charities, orgs, schools and underprivileged communities.

Your favourite song currently

I don’t really have a favourite song however I have a favourite artist which is Lauryn Hill.

Social Network handles

– Facebook: Laverne HippKhoi Maart
– Facebook Page: HippKhoi
– Instagram: Hippkhoi
– Twitter: @Lavernemaart
– Blog: HippKhoi@blogspot.com




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