Dj Doowap


What Inspired your Crown?

My crown is forever changing, but one thing that never changes, is that it’s inspired through listening to my soul and drawing inspiration from everything around me.

Describe your Crown personality

My crown has a life and personality of it’s own, which is flamboyant, eclectic and colourful.

Crown Name? (If you have)

Never really ever thought of a name but straight away the name “Doowap Doo”  comes to mind and I love it.

How often do you change your Crown?

I change my crown as soon as I get bored or it gets untidy.  Which is averaging every 3 weeks.

Please share the comments you get from people 😆

I get different comments from different people but most are positive. There’s a lot of “How long did that take?” when they don’t know what to say.  To my joy, a lot of young woman say it’s inspiring and draw motivation through my confidence to experiment themselves with their crowns. My heart always skips a beat when I see someone with colourful braids as it means another person has been liberated to express themselves.


Do you mind when people touch your Crown?

It all depends in the manner you approach me, whether I mind you touching or not. If you approach with good intentions and ask permission, then I do not see why not.

Does your Crown match your fashion sense? or it can limit how you dress up?

My crown inspires my fashion sense. The crown I am wearing at the time helps me create fantastic combos as I feel, it is an accessory that accentuates my every look.
I am never limited with my crown, quite the opposite. As I am always changing my crown, it allows me to constantly re-invent myself as well as mix and match my closet.

Please share your interests

My first love is music so I love searching the worldwide web for new artists and songs, mixing them live at various gigs and dancing to them at home and on stage.

Your favourite song currently?

Favourite song currently is a local tune by Manthe Ribane called Dear Ribane, but as a DJ and constant music sourcer it might not be that by publishing time.

Social Network handles

Instagram: Dj Doowap

Facebook : Dj Doowap

Twitter: Dj_Doowap

Soundcloud: Dj Doowap

Hair diary: Dj Doowap


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