What inspired your Crown?

I literally had wool (teal colour) I’ve been given by my friend Nosipho on holiday and I saw what shape I was going for & that was about 4years ago.

Crown Name (if you have)

I call it the #moonmop

Does your Crown match your fashion sense or it can limit how you dress up?

It’s an accessory on its own so my dressing is never limited and as a Fashion designer I have a sense of style that does work with it.

How often do you change your Crown?

I change my hair every 3-4 weeks

Please share the comments you get from people 😆

People for a long time would say negative things and lately people are loving it & it seems to be trending bit by bit to a point where I even run out of colour because my moonbeams are doing my moonmop lol


Do you mind when people touch your Crown?

I do not want you to touch my hair without asking me.

Please share your interests

I’m a Musician and Fashion designer

Your favourite song currently?

My favourite is dance like a girl by myself lol

Social Network handles

Facebook: Moonchildsa
Instagram: Moonchild_sa
Snapchat: Moonchild_sa
Twitter: Moonchild_sa

My newest EP will be dropping just before my international tour commences including sxsw in Texas, Primavera,Midem and Atlanta including my national tour. So new single and video and tour 2016


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