Mbizo Nombida


What inspired your Crown?

I’m inspired by my struggle in life I’ve been through alot. I was homeless at some point and that made me different because of the things I’ve always wanted to achieve .

Describe your Crown personality?

It’s a mixture of different cultures and languages to a point where i don’t have to open my mouth and explain ,you can already tell what I’m saying to you .

Crown Name? if you have

Lol i dont have one but ill go with Imbizo – meaning the calling because of how people are attracted to it .

Please share the comments you get from people 😆

I’ve heard the worst comments ever specifically from guys like what the f##k are you doing?  “cava this gay” but their girlfriends always say something different like ” baby look at this guy his confidence wow ” and they come and take selfies with me .


Do you mind when people touch your Crown?

I never let anyone touch my crown specifically people i don’t know.

Does your Crown match your fashion sense? or it can limit how you dress up?

Honestly speaking im a FASHIONREBEL my crown goes with everything i want to wear .

Please share your interests

I love fashion not just love fashion ild would rather buy Vogue magazine then dinner because i feel like it feeds me more.One day i would love to travel to TOKYO.

Favourite song currently?

Selah Sue – Daddy ,that song describes the person I am.

Social Network handles

Instagram :Mbizo_nombida & Facebook : Mbizo Nombida 


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