What inspired your Crown?

My desire to unapologetically be bold, I’m still not there yet but at least my hair is. I want to be like my hair😜😎

Describe your Crown personality

It’s all about being bigger than yourself i.e. Rising above your fears, the norms, insecurities and social standards that don’t assist you to stand out and be great😜

Crown Name (If you have)

*Pink Afro aka leader of the pink church

How often do you change your Crown

I stay long in something I like, maybe too long. And I’ve had Pink Afro for more than 7 months now and she’s staying for a long while

Please share the comments you get from people

it’s very pink hey!?


what hair piece is it?

its so big, is that all your hair? Can I touch it?

it looks like candy floss (my fav) 😂😂😂😂


Do you mind when people touch your Crown?

not at all

Does your Crown match your fashion sense? Or it can limit how you dress up?

Not yet consistently. I can’t yet afford how I really want to dress with it.

Please tell us your interests

Art, punk life, music, food, houses, antique Mercedes Benzes and other cars, sunglasses & lingerie

Please give us your favourite song currently 

My fav song is a song called Be It by Elo (Me ;))

Social media handles

All social media platforms incl Periscope is Elo_Zar

website: www.elozar.co.za


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