Albert Ibokwe


What inspired your Crown?

My crown was inspired by the horns of the goat

Describe your Crown personality

It’s very bold, strong, confident, stands out, very loud, yet very humble, also very ethnic. 

Crown Name (If you have)

My current hairstyle and all my hairstyles are called Ibokwe.

How often do you change your Crown?

I change whenever I can especially if I’m not working on Tv because they’ll be a  time when I’m required to take everything down or to stay with the same hair for 2months of shooting.

Please share the comments you get from people

Some people’s reactions are priceless, some call me names like stabane, demon, weirdo, questioning my gender, androgynous, godly, goddesslike, beauty. Some people call me kwerekwere which i love because then it validates that i look more African than South Africans themselves, sometimes i’m called the walking exhibition. 


Do you mind when people touch your Crown?

As a sangoma my head is the most sensitive thing on my body let alone my hair so i really do mind, I dont like people touching my hair, I’d rather one touches my privates than my hair. 😂

Does your Crown match your fashion sense? Or it can limit how you dress up?

I think to some degree my hair does match the garments i wear and influence what and how i wear clothes. 

Please tell us your interests

My interests vary as I am an artist I love all this artsy music, theater, dance, clothing fashion, travelling nationally and internationally. I love food which my weight can obviously give that away. 

Please give us your favourite song currently & your link of your work, social network handles or anything that you would like to share about yourself.

I am an internationally acclaimed performance artist, actor, singer, dancer and isangoma,a Wits alumni, forever smiling, I love people, I’m a traditionalist, diagnosed with fomo in 2014, a twin to a sister, I grew up in Soweto Protea North. A rebel an enigma some call me modern maroon, walking exihibition, the African flying goat ibokwe grazes.

I love Fela Kuti, Busi Mhlongo, Nina Simone,Madala Kunene. I’m currently listening to NONO NKOANE:song when words no longer speak. And. And. /oYEmMWQMjzo.

Social media

Facebook:Albert Silindokuhle Ibokwe Khoza
Insta: @ibokwe. Twitter;@ibokwe_albert. 


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