Sizwe Manqoba


What inspired your Crown?

My crown was inspired by being black, my fashion sense and the love of natural hair, dreadlocks to be specific.
But the biggest inspiration behind my crown are cartoons.

Describe your Crown personality.

My crown’s personality is lively, colourful and hippy.

Crown Name (If you have)

I’ve had my closest family members and friends give it names like “sour worms, um’khovu (zombie), Jamaican palm tree.” The names keep coming as the styles change.

How often do you change your Crown.

Twice at the most 3 times a month.

Please share the comments you get from people.

“He’s crazy”
“Is that your real hair??”
The only postive I get is from my hairstylist and close friend Mimiis @urban_mimz on IG.


Do you mind when people touch your Crown?

Yes i do actually, yooh! Only my hairstylist and I touch the crown.

Does your Crown match your fashion sense? Or it can limit how you dress up?

Very much YES.

Please tell us your interests.

Clothes and design, at some stage i’d also like to persue my dream of being a Rapper.

Please give us your favourite song currently & your link of your work, social network handles or anything that you would like to share about yourself.

I actually have two songs that occupy that spot: Mad On Dough feat. Dj Spontaneous – Fill my cup and A$AP Ferg feat. Future – New Level.

Social Network handles

IG: @hashtag_seez
Twitter: @hashtag_ii
Facebook: Sizwe Manqoba


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