Nothando Simelane


What inspired your crown?
My inspiration is to be happy by owning my crown and not forgetting where I come from.

Describe your crown personality
‘’BE YOURSELF THE WORLD WILL ADJUST’’. That’s the best way to explain my crown personality.

Crown name (if you have)
Hahaha….  I don’t have one yet… but it’s the way I express myself by being creative and the love I have for hair. 

How often do you change your crown?
I change it after two months to a new one. Style it every day depending how I’m dress up for the day.

Please share the comments you get from people 😂
Wooooow! I can’t finish them but the most ones I get every day for almost 8 years now is that  you’re very unique, you look like an African queen! I love your hat!  You very creative! Can you do my hair like yours! You very brave! I wish I can try your hair! It must be expensive! Most questions would be how did you think of this hair style? How do you sleep? Are you not afraid of people looking at you all the time? Is it not heavy? What’s your inspiration? Did you see it anywhere? What is your man saying? Hahaha….    


Do you mind when people touch your crown?
Yes I do mind especially when a person is rude and they don’t ask for permission.

Does your crown match your fashion sense? Or it can limit how you dress up?
I’m a Fashion Designer so I never have a problem when it comes to dressing up in my own style.

Please tell us your interest

Please give us your favorite song currently & your link of your work, social media handles or anything that you would like to share about yourself.  
My favorite song currently Tebello¬¬_ Sukwene_ Zulu_ Medley

I’ m a fashion designer, model, and hair stylist.   

Social media handles
Instagram: @thandozisimelane
Twitter: @nothandozi
Facebook: Nothando Simelane


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