Magá Moura



What inspired your Crown?
My own personality.

Describe your Crown personality
Happy, confident, expressive and full of selflove.

Crown Name (If you have)
Nope I don’t have

How often do you change your Crown
Every month, or even in two weeks. Depends of my vibes!

Please share the comments you get from people
– Is it heavy?
– I want your hair.
– How can I do this?
– Your hair is beautiful.


Do you mind when people touch your Crown?
I don’t like when people touch my hair without my permission, especially people that I don’t know.

Does your Crown match your fashion sense? Or it can limit how you dress up?
I’m always free with my hair but when I put much colors I dress very colorful.

Please tell us your interests
Work, travels, books and run.

Please give us your favourite song currently

Still addicted to Lion Babe songs.

Social network handles

– My website:
– Instagram: @magavilhas



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