Thifhe “Sliq” Mudau


Name, where do you come from?
My name is Thifhelimbilu “Sliq” Mudau from Limpopo Thohoyandou, i’m now based in Johannesburg CBD.

What inspired your crown?
I’m inspired by being unique & being different from my peers because I love being recognized.

Describe your crown personality
 My crown must have weird colors, something that will amaze people when they see me & it has to be something that people don’t think about. 

Crown name (if you have)
My crown doesn’t have a name because I just think of something & go make it happen at the salon. 

How often do you change your crown?
I change my crown after a week

How do you take care of your crown?
By following all the instructions from my hair stylist. 

Please share the comments you get from people
I have received lots, I was called Taribo West after doing Green thick braids & by that time I didn’t know who Taribo west was 😂


Do you mind when people touch your crown?
I don’t mind at all because I know what I’m doing is different, some people want to find out if my hair is real lol


Does your crown match your fashion sense or it can limit how you dress up?
It always matches my fashion because I believe fashion has to start from head to my toe, that’s why I’m a Fashion Rebel. 

Please share your interest?
I’m interested in uplifting individuals who want to make it in the fashion industry, I also want to put my home town Venda on the map & I’m interested in fashion & entertainment because we’re still lacking in that. 

Your favourite song/music at the moment?
Currently listening to The Weekend, Chris Brown & Bryson Tiller

Social media handles
Facebook:Thifhe Sliq
Instagram: @Thifhe_Sliq          Twitter: @Thifhesliq 


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