Bob Balls Box Braids 

As you all know i love doing creative crowns & for November i went with balls because you gotta have balls to own your crown 😆, from doing puffs with my afro to being inspired by a Congolese woman.

This hairstyle took be back to African hairstyles that used to be done ancient years ago, i want to go back to those roots & embrace the africaness + the phenomenal creativity that was created through their crowns.

You can do balls to your braids if you don’t want to burn them at the end/ tip, my skin is super sensitive so the burnt braids irritated my face & they have ruined some of my clothes since they stick to clothes so ladies & guys this is another option 😉

My hair was done by Smangele (owner) & Unathi ( Fabulous Hair Stylist) at Indalo Nubian Naturals Salon at Corner house 77 Commissioner street, i appreciate the time they took to learn how to do this masterpiece, it was challenging but they did it!

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