Natural state

​Embracing my Natural hair

This was perfect timing, great things happen when you least expect them, i was from a TV interview for Ayanda’s show about fashion and I decided to go to Braamfontein then i bumped into Jeff who was there to grab a meal for his family he then decided to take out his machine (camera) and asked me to model. We were so casual about it until he showed me the shots! My eyes popped at the effortless greatness I was seeing, I had to publish this impromptu work.

We improvised with a bicycle that was parked outside debut store, we took Siba’s Juice to coordinate with the yellow car lol so much fun.This was an amazing gift to end my day.

📷: Jeffrey Rikhotso @jefflovesphotography on Instagram

Model: Nikiwe Dlova nix_indamix on Instagram

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