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I came across Angela’s work on Instagram and I immediately fell in love! But before then, I once used an image (below) to promote ownURcrown to show people what the blog was going to be about, I wanted to show something different and fast forward to a year later, I’m interviewing the lady behind the hair!

I’ve never seen anyone creating braided clothing items using hair extensions, so I had to interview her to find out about her inspiration and her overall work.
Angela grew up in North London and started braiding her own hair at the tender age of 10, and over the years she developed a very distinctive style of braiding. She began working at a number of hair salons until she was able to set up her own. She later closed down the salon due to business challenges but it ended up being the best decision she ever made.

Check out the interview I had with her below

Please tell us more about the Angela Braid Couture.

BRAID COUTURE is an exclusive, unique clothing collection made from 100% braided hair. BRAID COUTURE is not a fashion label that creates a collection every season,our pieces are timeless and can be shown time and time again without losing the appeal of what I do. Every piece of this collection stands alone or as a collective.

I use HAIR as my fabric just to challenge myself to see what I can achieve and I knew it was not going to be easy. A few mistakes here and there, a lot of wasted hair along the way because once a mistake is made alteration on hair is harder to do than on fabric. A lot of patience is needed, I now have a 25 piece BRAID COUTURE collection which has taken me THREE YEARS to complete and in time the collection will be expanded to around 30-35 pieces.

Photographer: Herve – Yann Vethy

How do you stay consistent?

Being a Hair Artiste has its challenges in itself. I stay consistent by keeping my ideas fresh and unique as I have a very creative mind and I’m always pushing myself to the next level,thinking outside of the box as the possibilities are endless. I mainly free style my collection, as I am working on a piece in my mind I can see the next step of the design, this I will follow through to the end, also seeing the design will translate into a better finale piece with small changes to my vision and  sometimes my personnel life can inspire a new piece / collection.

What are your challenges with your Art?
I would have to say me as I’m shy and not a very talkative person unless I’m comfortable with you. I speak / express myself threw my work. This is something that I’ve been working on as I feel I’m holding myself back, so after 15 years in the industry my Dad’s passing gave me the strength that I needed to face the things I was always scared to do or even try because I never had confidence in myself and always thought I sounded stupid, things like face to face interviews I’ve now had four, Live TV appearance I’ve now had two and public speaking I’ve done one. I will continue to work on myself!

What would you change in the Hair industry?

We need to show more support and stop trying to compete with each other, as creatives we need to stand together as our style of ART is different from one another.

What does owning your crown mean to you?
I own my Crown by being the best person I can, and finding strength in myself to be able to inspire others. During my career I have received a few thank you messages from other creatives,never in my wildest days did I think my work would inspire so many to start their journey. Sometimes we elevate others and we don’t even know it just from what we do in our everyday life’s and career path, I have been blessed to have met so many of these creatives on my travels who are doing amazing things with their careers. We are here to inspire and elevate each other to follow our dreams and to believe in ourselves.

Name people that are owning their crowns unapologetically 

UK: First I would have to say MORRIS ABERDEEN founder CEO of Morris Roots hair salon he is a celebrity loc stylist who started his career in 2001 and no matter what he has achieved in his career Morris has remained one of the humblest kind down to earth creative I know who I have the up most respect for.

UK: Angela Small founder CEO of Conscious Vibes Magazine and Conscious Vibes Expo now in its fourth year and the founder of the UK first of its kind Ms Natural Hair Pageant.

USA: Ansylla Ramsay founder CEO of My Hairitage Holistic Hair Care who has been in the industry for about 10years or more specializing is Loc maintenance also recently founderd My Hairitage Awards first of its kind for the Natural Hair community now in its third year

Hair trends for 2017

Faux loc’s & crochet braids these looks have been around now for a few years and are still very current in 2017 but more colourful.


  • Photographer – Herve – Yann Vethy
  • Photographer – Aaron Dunworth
  • Photographer – Jayesh Pankhania
  • Photographer – Jot

All hair pieces and Braid Couture clothing made using Hair Extension


  • BAWR (Black African Women Rock) Fashion Designer of the Year 2016-2017
  •  Afro Hair & Beauty Show UK Avant Garde Stylist of the Year 2010
  • Afro Hair & Beauty Show UK Avant Garde Stylist of the Year 2008
  • Golden Scissors Hair Awards USA Braid Creation of the Year 2008
  • Golden Scissors Hair Awards USA Braider of the Year 2008
  • Sleek Weave Wizards Hair Awards UK Best Braids 2008
  •  Black Beauty / Wahl Hair Awards UK Hall of Fame 2008
  • Black Beauty / Wahl Hair Awards UK Braid Stylist of the Year 2007
  • Black Beauty / Wahl Hair Awards UK Braid Stylist of the Year 2005
  • Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair Show USA Worlds Best Braider 2004
  • Black Beauty / Wahl Hair Awards UK Braid Stylist of the Year 200.
  • Artistic Creative Braids 2014
  • BEFFTA Creative Personality 2011

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