Name, where are you from and where do you live?
My name is Nondumiso Nkosi known by most as Qba. The name of my crown is BEDOO (pronounced ‘bead do’). I was born and raised in small town Bethal, Mpumalanga and BEDOO came up while living in the big City of Johannesburg.

When did you start doing the Bedoo crown?
It all began the year 2013

What inspired the look?
As an artist I always thought my role in society was to come up with alternatives and as an African artist in particular I was always searching for ways to shine a light on our own ideas.
Beads have strength about them but they are also playful & that appeals to me as an African.
I always thought wigs were better than weaves. One day the connection just hit me. The best hairdo would be bead hair




What does owning your crown mean to you?

To own your crown means to be bold and unafraid of being different,natural and unique in your choice of conversation through your style.

Describe your Crown personality
My crown has a HD quality. It has the personality of a strong star.

Do you mind when people touch your Crown?
There’s a chance that you might get to touch the piece but pouncing on me with overly eager fingers will land you into trouble.

Social media handles
Instagram: @originalbedoo
Facebook: Nondumiso Qba Nkosi

Contact Number: 081 409 6309

Check out more of her work on the link below

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