Hlengiwe Lesedi

Hlengiwe Lesedi is a free spirited, Capricorn being who is currently studying media, she’s a beautiful product of umZulu nomSwati. Hlengiwe grew up in and around Gauteng from the East Rand to MidVaal to the South.

When she’s not into frequencies, vibes and energy, she loves viewing art (galleries, museums, exhibitions etc.), trying new things and experimenting with wool on her crown and that’s why I had to find our more about her.

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When did you start doing creative hairstyles and What inspired you?

I started doing creative hairstyles after I matriculated. But it started with short haircuts with lines and a mixtures of hair dyes i.e the blondes with ruby-reds and as my hair grew I did coloured hair fibres (hair piece). A year or two after, a friend of mine introduced me to wool and I’ve been hooked. The inspiration or rather motivation was the new chapter I was going into at the time.

Do you agree that hair is part of your identity?

I think hair is an extension of self, but it doesn’t define a person. There’s more to us than hair and clothes etc.

What does owning your crown mean to you?

Owning my crown means not being boxed into societal norms of how I should comb my hair or relax and tame it. Owning my crown is knowing my worth as a black woman with my amazing wooly hair. Owning my crown means the liberation to do what I please with it.
It’s the pride I take in it.

Any Summer hair trends you’re looking forward to try?

I can not wait to do colourful long slim cornrows, have my fro decorated to flowers in a bun and finally try white.

What would you change about the Hair industry?

I would put more black products tested, made and owned by people of colour.

Do you name your crowns?

I actually haven’t even thought of naming my crown, Lol maybe Kandie (because it’s as soft and loveable as candy floss).

What’s the craziest comment you’ve received regarding your hair?

An old lady I passed at a food market stopped me and said I should learn how to crotchet so I make hats after I undo my hair but I’m yet to learn.

Does your hairstyle influence your fashion and music?

I love jazz and I love thrifting for clothes,I don’t particularly think my hair influences the two in anyway because even if I was bald of which I have been, I still loved the same music and had a similar fashion sense.

Who is your hairstylist?

I’ve recently started doing my own hair so I’m my own hairstylist.

In your opinion do you think hairstyles reflect a person’s journey at that specific time?

Most definitel! The reason why I shaved my head once upon a time was because I felt I needed change for a new chapter in my life. I think reflecting back 10 years from today I’ll most probably mark this period of my life with what I do now amongst other choices I’m making.

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