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On Sunday the 10th of September, Ayanda and I decided to go riding since its been a while and the weather was allowing so we decided to go on a sunset ride rather because it was scorching!

We normally theme our #stylerides but we freestyled on Sunday and ended up matching! How cool?

Ayanda with her Phumelele, before the tyre drama.
Mood: After Phumelele got sorted.

We were all good and ready to go until Ayanda’s bicycle aka Phumelele (meaning winner) had a flat tyre,so for the first time we had to learn how to inflate a tyre by ourselves, at first we were successful until I pressed down the presta valve (pump head) and had to start all over again (Ayanda wanted to kill me), so she inflated her Phumelele again and I think that irritated energy made things worse because when she pulled out the mini pump, she pulled it too hard that the tip of the valve broke/fell apart – long story short she didn’t give up, she tried to fix it while I was doing insta- stories (which irritated her even more) because I was trying to lighten up the situation in a fun way lol and to be honest I had already given up.

But Ayanda kept going until she found a way that worked and we got help from a security guard and we were good to go.

We asked the security to take a picture of us 🙂

I’m sharing the story because it served as a reminder to never give up, life has a funny way of working things out, just keep going but you need to hope and believe things will work out.

So if you’re going through a hard time, hold on, its even better when you have someone you can ride this life journey with when things get tough.

uPhumelele did win at the end and we took beautiful pictures.

Beaded wig by – Nondumiso Qba Nkosi

Customised bicycle by – Kutlwano Malefane

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