Tawny Chatmon

*new* Indigo/ “A Noble Girl”
Paintings from the Golden Age continue to captivate and haunt Tawny Chatmon . She draws inspiration from the golden baroque frames, rich tints and hues and the otherworldly technical skill. At the same time, she feels a disconnection to these works as well. She remains haunted by the historical representation of black faces in classical western art and culture. Often depicted as servants, props or not at all. Though a photographer, not a master painter, She has a lingering devotion to create contemporary imagery with hints of renaissance references celebrating the often hidden beauty of people of color.

In this series She loosely combine traces of mostly East & West African and African American cultural influences with renaissance undertones. She cautions the viewer not to mistake this as a cry for validation of black beauty but rather a deliberate repositioning and reimagining of it in this style of work. (Hair @4evananasmom inspired by a combination of styles seen on Tumblr)

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