Braids x Wool Trend

My festive season was busy but fun, I decided to let my natural hair breathe for a while so that I can plait closer to Afropunk Festival – I didn’t know what I was going to do but I knew I wanted colourful braids so I searched on social media for inspiration and I came across a picture that inspired my new hairdo on Mimi’s Instagram page.

My appointment was set for the 28th Dec at Indalo Nubian Naturals salon, I sat for 7 hours creating a colourful masterpiece, in front I was going to do a normal fringe but I changed my mind to a Benny and Betty with a twist to make it more interesting.

Image taken by Essence magazine
Photo taken by Harmonix
Image taken by Jeff Rikhotso


  • You’ll definitely stand out and turn heads.
  • Its easy to style and it will create a cute two-tone texture.

  • The burnt wool at the ends won’t mess up your clothes unlike braid extensions.
  • The braids feel light.


  • When you tie a bun it’s going to be a bit heavy.
  • You’ll need to refresh the Benny and Betty in front after 2 weeks. (It depends with your hair texture)
  • It takes long to plait this hairstyle but braids take long anyway, it’s better if x2 people assist each other, one will braid while the other is plaiting the wool detail.

I used an orange braid extension which I bought in Braamfontein (Corner De korte and De Beer) and the salon provided me with multi-coloured wool, you can get the wool at Checkers Hyper.

Other than that I don’t have anything bad about this hairstyle, I love it and I might do it again in winter with dark colours:)

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