Keiso Sesing

Keiso Sesing is a 30 year old woman who was born in Senekal in the Free State, she currently lives in the West of Gauteng.

Read more about her crown below,

When did you start doing creative hairstyles and What inspired you?

I started my creative hairstyles in February 2017 and I was inspired by Protectivestyles on Instagram but preferred to use wool instead of synthetic hair.

Do you agree/disagree that hair is part of your identity?

Yes I do agree that hair is very much part of our identity, there’s no question about this, up until we were colonized and stripped off our identity.

Owning my crown means respect,power, confidence and boldness and most of all accepting and loving my black skin.

Do you have a creative process before you do any hairstyle?

No I don’t but I get my inspiration mostly from the late Mirriam Makeba and Brenda Fassie.

What would you change about the Hair industry?

The false notion that our hair needs heat (hairdryers), to be soft or to be stretched.

Do you name your crowns?

Lol my hairstylist and her colleagues do.

What’s the craziest comment you’ve received regarding your hair?

Hahaha, do you have a calling? I think beads and cowrie shells are still associated with ancestral calling.

Does your hairstyle influence your fashion and music?

I find myself being more drawn to African print designs, they complement my hair and give me a sense of heritage and strength. Music speaks directly to my soul, it all depends on what I am feeling at the time, but I manage to feed myself in every genre not only a specific one.

Who is your hairstylist?

My hairstylist’s name is Tshidi Maimane from Indalo Nubian Naturals owned by Smangele Misshair Sibisi.

Do you follow hair trends?

I follow urban hair trends.

What are some of your challenges with your hair?

My hairline, from all those years when I was feeling cute in weaves lol.

In your opinion do you think hairstyles reflect a person’s journey at that specific time?

Absolutely, the journey of self-discovery for me.

Besides hair, how else do you express yourself?

Fashion and food.

Name the people that are owning their crowns unapologetically?

Wow I totally love Nikiwe Dlova (You), Kwena Baloyi, Mimi Duma and Lunathi Mampofu.

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