June 16, 1976 – a day that is synonymous with South Africa’s struggle against apartheid. It is the day that symbolises the rising of our nation’s youth against oppression. It is the day that changed the course of our country’s history. It is the day that our country’s youth claimed their rightful place in our country’s narrative. Constitution Hill, together with its partners, commemorates the youth of ’76, through a celebration of creative expression at its Annual Basha Uhuru Freedom Fest.


The festival brings you music | film | art | poetry | design and fashion – all within the Constitution Hill human rights precinct located within Joburg’s inner city, check out the full programme.


DAY 1 – 28th June

Creative Summit – Bayeza, The Conference.

I’ll be one of the speakers from 11h30am – 11-45am, other speakers include:

  • The founding member of Skwatta Kamp, Slikour on publishing in the cultural industry.
  • Self-taught photographer and filmmaker, Justice Mukheli on storytelling through film.
  • Advertising and creative maverick, Mbuso Ndlovu on the ad industry.
  • Photographer, Reatile Moalusi on art through social commentary.
  • Party-planning experts, Until Until on creating events.


music festival

I’m so excited to be part of the festival, ownURcrown is going to have a pop up hair salon on the 30th June from 10am – 6pm. The hairstyles start from R150, we also accessories braids and dreadlocks.

Please come with your hair washed. The festival is going to be using Howler, a cashless service. Please make sure you load enough money because we unfortunately don’t swipe cards.

2018-05-29 12.15.19 1.jpg R150 (Creative Benny and Betty hairstyle)

2018-04-11 02804145160..jpg R250 (Creative Benny and Betty with x2 accessories)

Nikiwe-7323 R350 (Creative Benny and Betty with extensions and accessories)

Screenshot_20180625-101747 R150 (Creative hairstyle with accessories)


Check out the artists line up here – Get your tickets


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