Benny Harlem

Benny Harlem is an award winning model, Guinness World record holder for the tallest high to fade, entrepreneur, motivational speaker and teacher.

He wears his crown with pride, some say it is an expression of individual power and some say his defying typical conventions of race and gender in its natural grown out form.

Benny has been growing his hair for 14 years and has instilled confidence to his daughter who was bullied at school for her hair, and now their celebrated for their close bond, powerful messages about self love and individual strength.

Below he shared 5 hair tips with

1. Know your porosity.

Understanding your hair type is the most important thing in maintaining healthy hair and creating a healthy hair regime. Low porosity means it is hard for your hair to absorb moisture. Normal porosity allows just the right amount of moisture to come in and go out. High porosity hair is more susceptible to moisture, in other words it let’s in too much moisture.

There are two ways to identify your porosity.

a). The Float test – Place a strand of your hair in a cup or bowl of water and observe the strand. If your hair floats, you have low porosity, if your hair sinks you have high porosity.

b). The Slip n’ Slide – Run your fingers up a strand of your hair, starting from the end and making your way to the root. If your hair feels smooth, then you have low porosity hair. If you feel little bumps while you slide, you have high porosity.

2. Consume a lot of water and use a lot of water…

Practice using water mixed with your preferred oils to moisture your hair. This is especially important when washing and preparing for any protective style. You can also add in essential oils to this mixture for a fresh and rejuvenating scent.

3. Add deep conditioning.

Do this at least twice a week to your hair.

4. Use a sealant daily.

This will help seal in moisture to your hair. It also adds additional moisture and nutrients to hair when used daily.

5. Refrain from using heat on your hair.

There are many ways to style your natural hair without using heat including methods to straighten and curl hair.

Check out his hair care line – Harlem hair care

Watch his story documented by New York Magazine, full video here

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