Nothando Simelane

What inspired your crown? My inspiration is to be happy by owning my crown and not forgetting where I come from. Describe your crown personality ‘’BE YOURSELF THE WORLD WILL ADJUST’’. That’s the best way to explain my crown personality. Crown name (if you have) Hahaha….  I don’t have one yet… but it’s the way... Continue Reading →

Sizwe Manqoba

What inspired your Crown? My crown was inspired by being black, my fashion sense and the love of natural hair, dreadlocks to be specific. But the biggest inspiration behind my crown are cartoons. Describe your Crown personality. My crown's personality is lively, colourful and hippy. Crown Name (If you have) I've had my closest family... Continue Reading →

Albert Ibokwe

What inspired your Crown? My crown was inspired by the horns of the goat Describe your Crown personality It's very bold, strong, confident, stands out, very loud, yet very humble, also very ethnic.  Crown Name (If you have) My current hairstyle and all my hairstyles are called Ibokwe. How often do you change your Crown?... Continue Reading →


What inspired your Crown? My desire to unapologetically be bold, I'm still not there yet but at least my hair is. I want to be like my hair😜😎 Describe your Crown personality It's all about being bigger than yourself i.e. Rising above your fears, the norms, insecurities and social standards that don't assist you to... Continue Reading →

Mbizo Nombida

What inspired your Crown? I'm inspired by my struggle in life I've been through alot. I was homeless at some point and that made me different because of the things I’ve always wanted to achieve . Describe your Crown personality? It's a mixture of different cultures and languages to a point where i don't have... Continue Reading →


What inspired your Crown? I literally had wool (teal colour) I've been given by my friend Nosipho on holiday and I saw what shape I was going for & that was about 4years ago. Crown Name (if you have) I call it the #moonmop Does your Crown match your fashion sense or it can limit... Continue Reading →

Dj Doowap

What Inspired your Crown? My crown is forever changing, but one thing that never changes, is that it’s inspired through listening to my soul and drawing inspiration from everything around me. Describe your Crown personality My crown has a life and personality of it’s own, which is flamboyant, eclectic and colourful. Crown Name? (If you... Continue Reading →


    What inspired your crown? What inspired my crown was basically the love for curly bushy hair, dreadlocks, my favourite colour green and Native Americans!! “Red Indians”. Growing up I loved the thickness and curliness of my hair but as I got older I just fell inlove with dreadlocks . I couldn’t decide on... Continue Reading →

Gibson Cooper

What Inspired your Crown? I think I owe it all to my brother. The guy in his early twenties had some ridiculously huge liberty spikes. So I grew up aspiring to be just like him. There was just something special about his look. He was like Jesus, but better. Then of course I had a... Continue Reading →

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