Crown Stylist Ncumisa Mimi Duma


Name, where do you come from, where do you live?
My name is Ncumisa Duma. I’m well known as Mimi. I was born from the Eastern Cape but was raised in Joburg since the age of 2. I currently stay in Joburg CBD.

When did you start doing other people’s hair? Has it always been a passion?
I started in primary school…’s always been one of my passions

Share an interesting hair style you have done on a client (Please include pictures, links etc.)
Sliq of the Fashion Rebels occasionally rocks his pony tail that I created for him…my most interesting style I’ve done this year.

How do you stay consistent?
I’m always looking for ways of improving my skills by creating new ways of doing things and doing things in a different way & I also do advanced training courses.

What do you specialize in?
I’m trained and qualified in all hair types but chose to specialize with African hair



Do you name your client’s crowns?
I sometimes do name the crowns lol

What would you like to see changing in the hair business?
Black people empowerment in black hair care……..#knowledge

Name people that own their crowns unapologetically?
My fashion rebels.. as I am responsible for their looks

What does owning your crown mean to you?
That you are in control of the window to your soul & you can decorate it as you want,it’s just a matter of being comfortable in your own skin.

Describe your Crown personality
My crown is unapologetic. I don’t suffer From “bazothini abantu” thoughts Lol I do all emotions with my hair…..proudly.

How often do you change your Crown ?
I change every 2-3 weeks

How do you take care of your Crown?
I do intensive treatments every month. I use natural ingredients for my hair. No sulphate
I use essential oils for my scalp and as sealant to the deep moisturizing shea butter that I used & I spritz with a moisture spritz daily.

Do you mind when people touch your Crown?
People can admire my hair without touching it 😅

Please share some of the comments you get from people 😂
This comment I always get is: “You are brave… suits you…..I would never”😂

Social media handles
for now only @urban_mimz insta

Your Work
– April/May crown
– June/July crown
– Drum hair magazine make overs
– Drum online video tips
– other work will be revealed in a few months





Mimi’s contact info
Urban Zulu hair salon (shop 137 corner Fox & Kruis street)
Cell number: 072 684 8251

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