Black Beauty brought to you by Palladium Boots

How do you define beauty? We get to the bottom of where colourism stems from, who perpetuates it and how the regular black women deal with the pressure. This is #ViewsFromTheBottomUp narrated by Leslie ‘Lee Kasumba and brought to you... Continue Reading →

Sunday Ride with Instabikerides 

I enjoy riding my bicycle on a Sunday!! It's nice and chilled and you can take proper shots since its not too busy 😉 Yesterday we rode around Jozi, capturing the city and moments with awesome gadgets 😊, take a... Continue Reading →

Fila x The Stylista 

The Stylista Sidewalk sessions with Anna-Belle Durrant 

I had so much fun with Anna-Belle Durrant, she's a photographer and blogger for, we talked about fashion and I put her on a bubblegum blowing challenge lol. Check out the Teaser to see who won ☺ Thank you for... Continue Reading →

Creative Yarn Hairstyle

This crown made me feel so good, maybe it had everything to do with the fact that it was created on Good Friday! 😊 I gave Mimi (hair stylist) the creative freedom to play with my hair and a masterpiece... Continue Reading →




  Name, where are you from and where do you live? My name is Nondumiso Nkosi known by most as Qba. The name of my crown is BEDOO (pronounced 'bead do'). I was born and raised in small town Bethal,... Continue Reading →

Artwork by Kwezi Rameses Nombembe 

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